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Jun 29, 2019
I’ve always been a fan of the GH3-5 models, their ergonomics. I can’t afford a GH5 presently. Even deals on remaining GH4s are out of my price range. Yet I came across an excellent deal on a GH3. Demo, never been used, back stock stuff. Intrigued, I studied up, and came across all kinds of warnings about the GH3’s EVF. The thread dedicated to this topic at DPReview is dated entirely from 2013. Any updates on this problem which may not be a real problem?


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Feb 29, 2012
I’ve had my GH3 for a few years, and the EVF doesn’t bother me at all. For video, the rear screen is used much more anyhow.

Main disadvantage of the GH3 for me is lack of 4K.


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Jun 10, 2011
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I had a GH3 some years ago
I recall that the EVF had distortion at the edges
I think it was more noticeable if you shifted your focus to the edges if you looked straight ahead it was fine
A little annoying if you concentrate on it but not enough of an issue to rule out buying one at a good price
The current G9 has an ‘issue’ with pin cushion distortion at the edges but if you don’t think about it and concentrate on your scene / subject then it does not cause a problem and can be forgotten about
I recall enjoying using the GH3 at the time
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