GH2 with Yongnuo RF605C


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Apr 7, 2011
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I ordered some equipment last month from Yongnuo, including a set of the RF605C transceivers. They arrrived today and I took some time to set the transceivers up and see how they worked for both remote flash control and remote shutter. I had purchased the Pixel CL-L1 to connect the camera to the transceiver.

Set up is super easy. By putting both transceivers in the TRX mode both units can act as transmitters or receivers and do so automatically. In this manner, the camera will trigger the remote flash or the remote unit will trigger the camera (with the CL-L1 cable connected). If a flash is in the remote unit, it can still trigger the camera and the flash will fire – though I'm not sure how much value this has.

The only issue I noticed is that with the transceiver mounted in the camera's hot shoe, the multi-fire functions of the camera do not operate. This elimiates using the remote trigger for bracketed shots. However, this is not a fuction of the Yongnuo triggers. Putting my FL-36 flash in the hot shoe does the same thing.

The work around is to use a non-conducting shoe extender to mount the transceiver, or mount the transceiver off the camera. Used in this manner, the camera does not notice the presence of a “flash” and the multi-shot features remain enabled. It's a minor point, but worth knowing.

I also noticed that the transceivers are difficult to put into the camera's hot shoe – a common complaint. They are even worse to try and get into a camera bracket I have, though they go into the hot shoe extender easily. I believe the issue is the length of the contact pins – they are too long - and bump into the edge of the shoe rather than riding up and over the edge. Rocking the transceiver fore and aft slightly as you try to slide it into position helps. The units are a little big, and look worse in the attached photo, but they are not obtrusive in any way. I think they will be a useful addition to my kit.


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