GH2 with Takumar 1:6.3/300

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  1. I picked up a Takumar 1:6.3/300mm lens on eBay last week. This lens is fairly common but not highly respected, so the price was low - even though the lens is in immaculate condition. I've not had a chance to take more than a few photographs with it but can report the following:

    - It's sharper than a Hexanon 200 I bought and sold a while back
    - It's long, but not too heavy
    - Unless you are mounted on a tripod, which you will nearly always be, you can't use the focus magnifier as things are just wildly flying about in the viewfinder
    - It has a fairly stiff focus, which is good as it is a stop down lens and you wouldn't want the focus to wander as you set the stop down following focusing

    I think this lens will have a fairly limited use. It will probably be good for slow moving, large birds, sunrise/sunset shots, and perhaps occasional other exotic scenes. But for the price I paid it will be worth keeping in my arsenal.

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