GH2 Video - New Orleans Blues

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  1. Last month I went to a three day trade show in New Orleans. I had little time to get out, but I did go out Monday and caught The Benny Turner Real Blues Band at the Jazz Parlor on Bourbon Street.

    The band was amazing and Charles Moore was having a seizure with his Stratocaster. I caught two 'songs' on video and posted them on You Tube.

    The lighting was horrible, but I used the Panasonic f1.7/20 and my trusty Takumar 1.4/50 and was able to get good results at ISO 3200. The videos are hand-held, without IS, so there is some movement. There're not great videos, but given the fleeting nature of bands in New Orleans, I think I might have caught a bit of rockin'-blues history!

    [ame=]Benny Turner Real Blues Band with Charles Moore - Part Two - YouTube[/ame]