GH2 replaced with (brand new!) GH3


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Jan 7, 2016
I know I am lagging behind by at least 4 years ... I guess I just like old technology ;-)

I have been using a GH2 quite extensively in the past year (coming from a GF1 and GH1) and really can't find anything to fault in its picture quality. I did however have some little gripes about its body form - I use the camera a lot for cycling photography (both road cycling and mtbing) and it is a disaster to use with mtbing gloves on. I was continuously changing WB or focus area without wanting to. Also as much as I like the multi-aspect sensor when photographing 'slowly', when things get hectic I always ended up with the wrong aspect in the wrong moments.

So I decided to upgrade. Using the camera a lot in the outdoors, I wanted a robust, dust/splash proof, easy to handle body (meaning a good hand grip and lots of direct access buttons one does not actuate inadventertly). Add to that that I am a cheap photographer nearly always buying second hand, and not willing to pay more than 500 euro, especially for a M4/3 camera body. Ergo the GH4 was out of reach (they still sell for over 750 euro in Europe), but the GH3 is not (used A condition GH3 bodies can be had for about 350 to 400 euro). So after having owned (well, I still have them in the closet) a GH1 and a GH2, it was time to add a GH3 to the collection.

Some searching on (Italian Craigslist) got me an A-listed GH3 body for 360 euro from a physical photography shop. On receiving the camera in the post, I noticed they forgot to include the battery though, so I am still waiting for that to arrive - should be in today. When emailing the shop to notify them of the missing battery, I also complimented them on the state of the camera which really looked like new ... only to get the answer back : it IS new!

Turns out they sold the second hand GH3 body in their shop after I already transfered the money and instead of apologizing and sending me the money back, they pulled a NOS GH3 from the shelves and sent that instead! I activated the on-line warranty card yesterday evening. Warranty runs out in 3 years and 11 months ;-) I guess by then I'll be able to get a GH4 for under 500 euro :)

I add two cycling pics made with the GH2, can't wait to see what the GH3 can do.

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Matt Leppek

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Oct 10, 2017
I feel you. I'm still shooting on a GH2 and AF-100 for video. B&H has a nice sale on the GH4 for $900 US, so I might jump into 4k. I plan to keep the AF100/GH2 combo for 1080p event videography. I love all of the features of the AF100, but the image quality is lackluster, I prefer the GH2 look over it.

I wonder if panasonic has a 4k AF200 or something in the works. I would LOVE built in ND filters and XLRs.

Keep us updated on how you're liking the GH3!
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