GH2 Handheld Rig (Version II)

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    The parts finally came in for a modification to my handheld GH2 rig. I got rid of that heavy dual Sony battery plate in favor of two individual battery plates --one to directly power the F&V ring light and the other for the Liliput 7" field monitor. In tests, I was able to run BOTH of these devices from just one of these batteries for an hour so I'm guessing I'll get at least 2 hours of run time out of this configuration. I'm probably going to ditch the battery grip I now have at the bottom in favor of a DIY solution (more on that in the future). I know I can go for a little over an hour on one Panasonic battery in the camera so with a second (that this battery grip holds) I can safely double that so everything I'm holding can go for at least 2 hours without stopping.

    There were other issues with the dual Sony battery plate in my previous rig that bothered me: For one, there was no latch that held the batteries in place (the ones shown above actually lock the battery in place). This meant that a good bump would knock the batteries out. I also didn't like the fact that it only worked with both batteries in place.

    I have power solutions coming!!
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  2. Just recently caught YouTube's end of the year celebration video and noticed a couple of shots that were done with a similar handheld rig...



    In all fairness, their rigs were also servo-stabilized and running Red cameras... Still pretty cool to see!!