GH2 'Constant Preview' - I'm befuddled.

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by nickthetasmaniac, May 6, 2012.

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    Mmmk here's my issue. Half the lenses I use are manual (re: manual aperture) and half are automatic natives.

    When I use the manuals, the camera body has no control over the aperture diaphragm so obviously the EVF preview always shows the aperture value I have set. I like this - what I see through the EVF is exactly what I'm going to get for the exposure, re: depth of field.

    When I use the automatics, the camera pushes the aperture wide-open for the EVF preview during composition, and then stops it down for the exposure. I do not like this - what I see is definitely not what I get for the exposure, re: depth of field.

    I'm assuming that the camera does this to have a cleaner, brighter EVF preview. I don't like this - if there's noise in the EVF there's going to be noise in the image. If the EVF is all jumpy then the image is going to show movement. These are things I want to know.

    However, I can't find anything in the menus that will make the EVF always show a 'real' preview.

    - 'Constant Preview' doesn't do it (I'm not actually sure what it does do...) - the camera will still open the lens up regardless of what aperture I'm using.

    - The 'Depth of Field Preview' button will do it but only if you press it, and it cancels if you half press the shutter. I don't want to have to press a button every time - I just want this to be default.

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    I don't think there is a way. I think the other big reason for it opening up all the way is to aid in focusing. Brighter image with a shallow dof will help get focus on the right thing faster. I don't agree that if the screen is jumpy your image will be blurry though. That can just be a limitation of the evf's refresh when there's not enough light. I think if you had the aperture closed down all the time you'd often find your evf image to be annoyingly grainy and jumpy.