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  1. The GH2 camera is finally shipping but batteries are in short supply and different from earlier Panasonic cameras.

    I've watched the video [ame=]YouTube - GH2 Custom Battery Solution[/ame] on how to build a custom external 8.4V power souce and I've looked at the battery base for the G1/GH1/G2 from Ownuser ¸UµÙ¹q°T¦³**¤½¥q. The external power supply is pretty cool in that it is inexpensive to build and lasts six hours, but it is external and pretty cobby. The Ownuser base is much nicer but does not work with the GH2 due to the fact that the battery for the GH2 is different than the previous Panasonic cameras.

    What I'm wondering is, if you got a DMW-DCC8 GH2 adapter (yea, I know, no one has these in stock either) and installed it on to the Ownuser base, removing the G1 adapter that comes with the Ownuser base, could you then use the G1 batteries in the system and get all the benefits of the Ownuser base as well? Assuming that the G1 uses the same voltage I don't see why this would not work unless the bottoms of the cameras are significatly different, which I don't know about. This would have the benefit that G1 batteries are plentiful and inexpensive.

    The other option, I guess, is to wait until Ownuser comes out with a GH2 model. If the systems are as close as I think they are, why wouldn't they make the small necessary changes to develop the new product?
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    As I posted earlier, there are batteries to be had. I provises one source and there are others. This just takes some creative searching.

    The Panasonic Brand battery is shipped with a plastic holder that protects the battery contacts. Many of the other brand batteries are nor, including the B&H Power Brand. This holder, albeit simple is a very excellent accessory that I recommend.

    You may want to think twice,
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    Video Direct has/had them in stock as I just received one this week.