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GF3 is comming with fast Leica lens but cheap?

Discussion in 'Micro 4/3 News and Rumors' started by culip, May 28, 2011.

  1. culip

    culip Mu-43 Rookie

    Mar 4, 2010
    Hi all,

    Here is a good new:

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    Panasonic GF3 expected main Features: 16.6MP CMOS sensor,ISO 100 - 12,800,1080P/60i HD, 3 inch 460,000 dots Multi-angle swing and tilt,25mm f/1.4 Leica branded Lens , 23+ AF points; Good manual control, a more powerful processor,AVCHD video recording of 1080i60 movies from 1080p30 capture, and may be the other features is similar to Panasonic GF2, and there's some guy forecast that it will be sold at the price of $ 649.99!

    Panasonic GF2 main Features: 13.1MP CMOS, ISO 100-6400, 1080P/60i HD, 3" 460k dots LCD screen, 113 x 68 x 33 mm,TTL AF points; 1/4000 top shutter speed,$ 669.99 with 14mm f/2.5 G Aspherical Lens.

    Then let's look forward to the launch of our Panasonic GF3!

    (Source: Panasonic GF3 with 25mm f/1.4 Kit Lens Sure to Come in Mid-June)
  2. John M Flores

    John M Flores Super Moderator

    Jan 7, 2011
    I call photochop - that bears no resemblance to the GF2 or the current design language of Panny cameras.
  3. ~tc~

    ~tc~ Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Oct 22, 2010
    Houston, TX
    Put down the crack pipe and SLOWLY back away.

    Didn't the GF2 build up and expectations teach anyone anything?
  4. KVG

    KVG Banned User

    May 10, 2011
    yyc(Calgary, AB)
    Kelly Gibbons
    I'm with John. L1 body + bits and pieces

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  5. carpandean

    carpandean Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Oct 29, 2010
    Western NY
    I call concept theft.

    For the record, I started with a GF1, not an L1.
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  6. jbuch84

    jbuch84 Mu-43 Veteran

    Feb 9, 2011
    Orlando, FL
    Agreed, that photo is 100% photoshopped.. But a lot of times rumor sites will throw one of those up there just as an idea of what they hope for and so they have something to headline the article. I just hope the lens isnt too pricy!

    Edit: dang, that is straight up cold, totally jacked your mock up!
  7. Kingsfan

    Kingsfan Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Nov 22, 2010
    highland park, CA
    i knew i've seen that pic before...
  8. Narnian

    Narnian Nobody in particular ...

    Aug 6, 2010
    Richmond, VA
    Richard Elliott
    To cut some slack there was not a claim that the picture was of an actual GF3 here or in the article.

    That said my main problem would be the 25/1.4 lens as it is projected to cost that much by itself (or more).

    Also the mass market wants zooms while serious photographers also want primes. If this is going to be a mass market camera to compete against the NEX it will have a zoom as the primary lens.
  9. Alanroseman

    Alanroseman Super Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 21, 2010
    New England
    That's awesome if your mock up for the board is now being touted as the next GF3 or GF series camera!

    Hey, we may all get a shock and see Panasonic hit the market with your prototype!

    Now THAT would be concept theft! :biggrin:

  10. carpandean

    carpandean Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Oct 29, 2010
    Western NY
    As long as they give me one for free, I'd be OK with that! :thumbup:

    As for the prediction given, I suspect that if the price is accurate, then it's for the kit with the 14-42mm or the 14mm pancake. If a kit were available with the new fast prime, then it would likely be well over $1000. Kinda like the GH2 being available with the 14-42 for $999 and the 14-140 for $1499.
  11. linkedit

    linkedit Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Aug 6, 2010
    New Jersey, USA
    Those specs are someone's wish list, nothing more.

    These posts are like the same one's on the mobile phones sites that talk about rumors of the next iPhone.
  12. Hikari

    Hikari Mu-43 All-Pro

    Nov 26, 2010
    OK. I used my insider connections and pulled from many sources. Here is the next GF3. A picture is worthless a thousand words.
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  13. JohnMetsn

    JohnMetsn Mu-43 Veteran

    I call fake, everyone knows it'll not have shutter button, but just touchscreen focusing and shutter, just like an iPhone. You'll be able to download a widget though, to put a skin-able virtual shutter button to your screen. I surely hope they'll include Leica skin :smile:
  14. Pan Korop

    Pan Korop Mu-43 Veteran

    Mar 31, 2011
    Phare Ouest
    :lol: So it's a joint venture? beside the obvious Merkinsak shutter/lens, I spot a Nikonos IVa and a Widelux (F7?). All classics. But choosing an Optar instead a Zuiko-Pen does demonstrate Oly and Panny are close to divorce :biggrin:
  15. Hikari

    Hikari Mu-43 All-Pro

    Nov 26, 2010
    Very good! Nikonos V, Widelux F8, and the lens is a little obvious.
  16. Hikari

    Hikari Mu-43 All-Pro

    Nov 26, 2010
    Oh, yea of little faith...
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