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Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by JohnF, May 7, 2011.

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    Hi -

    My daughter just came back from 3 weeks in Japan and brought back (for me) a GF2 with the 14 f2.5 lens. It's lovely, a haptic treat and the 25 is a pretty nice lens. She used it while she was there, and was mighty impressed with the quality of the images (as am I!).

    My only problem: the OS for the camera is only in Japanese and, alas, this is a language that does not belong to my repertoire. I downloaded the manual(s), and the camera simply does not have any other languages than Japanese installed.

    Is there ANY way to change/update the camera's software to include languages? The software of the camera is 1.0...

    I can live with it to a certain degree, but it would make learning how to use it vastly simpler, as I could then actually understand what it is I am trying out...without having to actually print off the manual(s).


    PS: Not my first m4/3 camera, have the EP1 as well. Wanted the AVCHD and that 14 lens: the price in Japan for camera/lens was less than what the lens goes for in Germany! :)
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    Unless it's a hack, I don't think so. Most of cameras being sold in Japan are locked to Japanese to restrict people from exporting. There were a couple companies that sold cameras with language options (Casio and Sony I believe?).

    Airports in Japan sell "asian" versions that you would find in Taiwan, Singapore, etc. and those usually are multilingual.
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    Time to learn Japanese!

    The Japanese domestic version cameras only offer Japanese. Other than replacing the main PC board, there is no way to change the language.