GF1 is great but do I need GH1 or GH2?

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by absolutic, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. absolutic

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    Jan 21, 2011
    Having been using DSLRs for a while (current DSLRS are Nikon D700 and D200) I have been thoroughly enjoying my GF1 (after not being that happy with EPL1)..... I am thrilled with GF1. What I love about it is 1) very sharp with my lenses (14-42, 20mm and 45-200) and very fast autofocus, including in low light. The speed of autofocus is just way above any point-and-shoot (and I've used them all including advanced ones like Canon S95 and like) and the speed of autofocus makes all the difference for me.

    The only couple of problems for me is when using in daylight and also when using 45-200, both myself and my wife instinctively want to look into viewfinder, which is not there.. Plus it'd be nice to have faster fps and better low light performance. All these things I of course have in my Nikon D700 but I don't always want to carry my D700, it is large and expensive, while my GF1 cost me $300. And I can sneak my GF1 with 45-200 to concerts.

    So the question is, do I want to replace my Nikon D200 with GH1/GH2 to complement my GF1. I have not used either and don't know if I'd warm up to electronic viewfinder, but I am sure it is better than nothing and it is much easier to frame tele lenses like 45-200 with viewfinder. GH2 I am not sure about because it costs too much money. I could also get Canon t2i which is not much larger but cost less.

    Now, video is not important to me. I am perfectly happy with 720p video of GF1. I don't care for video other than that, still quality is of utmost importance to me.

    1) Will I see definite improvement in high ISO in GH1/GH2 as compared to GF1?
    2) Will I see definite improvement in autofocus speed in GH1/GH2 as compared to GF1?
    3) Do GH1/GH2 track better than GF1 (like BIFs?)
    4) How is electronic viewfinder in very low light?

  2. zpierce

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    Sep 26, 2010
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    1) Slight improvement in GH1, bigger in GH2, roughly 1 stop, 2 stops.

    2) GH1 - No, GH2 - Yes

    3) Not that I can make work, I really hoped so, but my G1 and GF1 and GH2 have all been pretty poor at keeping an AF target, so much so that I find the feature more hassle than help and don't use it. However the GH2 is fast enough that auto-tracking isn't so important, just hit your target and pull the trigger and it will focus and snap very quickly. See my comments and shots from an earlier post tonight here:

    4) It's noisy in very low light, but still is fine for composing. In anything but fairly low light, I like it better than optical, they look awesome and have the added advantage of on screen displays. How is an optical view finder in very low light? Neither is particularly easy to see. The EVF is noisy because it boosts the signal to brighten it up. It's really a trade off between clear and dark, or brighter and noisy. It works fine for composition in low light.
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