GF1 Display yellow bands


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Does anyone experience yellow bands on the display and EVF when there is a fluorescent light in the pictures?
I noticed while playing around with the camera, when i point to a fluorescent light and actually sometimes just pointing the camera around in a room with fluorescent lamps; i get this yellow bands scrolling down the display.
It seems like a problem with refresh rate of the display.
On the actual shot there is no trace of it so it must be something with the display.


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I don't think you need to worry. That happens on mine as well under some situations. As long as it doesn't show up on the picture, right? :]


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Not that i love shooting neon lights but that yellow/brown color is really really really....How to say? ( i don't find the puke smile)
It was not happening on my LX3 that i remember, and for a camera that is supposed to be better, well...
Actually if i remember right the display should be the same as the LX3, may be something can be done via firmware.
P.S. New firmware? When? When? When?


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Dunno about firmware but mine is still burning the coffee.....
Its a great camera as is. So far it meets or exceeds my initial expectations.

Chuck Pike

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I guess it shows up on all GF1 cameras, but it doesn't show up on your picture, so it isn't really a problem. I was surprised the first time I saw it, but don't even think about it now.