GF1 and Autofocus


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after my introduction , i'm already here to ask you an opinion.
I'm an owner's GF1 and a 20mm lens from two weeks, and i've had a problem, when the camera is switch on , but in stand by (lcd off) , sometimes when i push the button to activate the Af it does'nt respond, the AF seem out of work...:mad:

I've to take off the battery wait 30sec. return the battery and everything works fine, but the strangeness 's that this trouble happen only when on the 20mm i mount the lens hood , without it the problem 's not show...

I think that this's a very strange thing !!

Does anyone have had some similar problem?

Ciao :smile:


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It's not unusual after the camera has gone into sleep mode, just flick the power button off then on again.


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ianc is correct. This happens even with the Pens so don't feel bad....
What I do is have the camera to never sleep...... I toggle the screen off and on as needed....
This way it conserves power and the camera can wake me up when it's ready.....


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Good news !!

So i 've to set the camera in modality "power save" off , is it correct?