GF-1 AF question?


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Feb 14, 2011
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New GF-1, in testing/trial phase. Just shot off a B&W image (in my gallery). AFC. Depressed shutter 1/2 way to lock focus on a specific section of the image. Recompose the image. Noticed the LCD image was "wavering" very slightly. Bit like looking at your reflection on the surface of calm, but not still water. Switched to AFS. No "wavering". Wondering AFC with prefocus using the shutter was the problem or do I have a hardware issue? Firmware has been updated to 1.2. Was this incident due to a user error/ignorance?

Image specs: 35mm f8 @1/8sec close up, +dyn B&W, A mode, center-wt metering, default AF zone.


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Oct 15, 2010
I have a GF1 also, along with the G1, and tried briefly using continuous AF and hated it for the reason you state. It seems to search around and be focussing in and out on whatever it finds - very distracting. I believe that prefocus does that same thing in that it tries to anticipate what you will want to focus on - I have that turned off. Anyway - I use only AFS as you have discovered, and have no problems. I usually use a rather small focus area placed in the center, press the shutter half way, recompose, and everything is great.
This may be unrelated you your topic, but I notice that in low light the LCD is a bit wavey when you swing the camera around with the 14-45 lens, but much less so with the 20 f1.7. I imagine that the additional light with the 20mm coming in helps the whole LCD and focussing.

By the way, I totally love both the GF1 and G1 - these are great cameras. Once you get to know them, you will fall in love with photography all over again!!

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