Getting used to EM-10, soccer and action


Mu-43 Regular
At last I am giving my new EM-10 some serious use.
At first, coming from a couple of G1's I was a bit phased by menu system and general handling. The first general outings were family stuff with legacy and native glass, nothing too demanding but the jpegs were lovely and much improved on the G1 as one would expect..

1st soccer action was my son's under 11 friendly match, (thought it was just practice!) so not prepared, camera in boot of car with 45 - 200 Pani attached. Weather was awful and damp, as was I...
Could not get into my groove AF was all over the shop and I never felt comfortable with outfit. Thankfully battery died before half time to put me out of my obvious misery.

Last weekend busy w/e with taking daughter to a tree top climbing, walkway adventure (Go Ape to anyone in the UK who might know of this sort of thing) with 4 friends. I kept my feet firmly on the ground charged with photographing all 4 children on there adventure. Trusty 45-200 again mainly 100/140 reach, 240 shots taken mainly on 1 shot AF, low speed burst with face recognition and central AF point. Felt good, got back went through results based on exposure and sharp focus, rather than stunning shots and I had 212 keepers, delighted
Next day Dads v U11 soccer match, played 1st half then made my excuses and grabbed the camera for 2nd half.
Same lens, AF Continuous but not tracking, low burst, central AF point, 224 shots in 30 mins, same assessment as above sharp focus and exposure 179 keepers, inevitable photos of my feet and empty pitch etc but delighted and encouraged.

Now I have been shooting with G1's for a entire season the same team so I know mostly what is going to happen and have honed my technique to the modest AF ability of lens and G1. The EM-10 at this stage is appreciably better in terms of image quality, burst speed obviously much faster and AF a bit faster but likely hampered by Pani lens.
I don't actively go out in this context to test Cont AF and don't look for shots of players running towards me or away from me but did let camera do its stuff on a couple of runs towards me on low burst and success rate was not to bad. The type of action I get is more tackles and goal mouth action which is relatively slow so the G1 on AFS would cope, the EM10 is faster no doubt but burst speed is my new friend.
I would be happy to take the EM 10 and pani 45-200 to any soccer match in daylight and expect to get some decent shots.
Find your limits and outfit limits and practice, practice, practice you can normally work round some of the limits, there is normally lots of action so be selective if need be. As an example whilst I was playing the 1st half I passed outfit to a willing dad who had bridge camera experience, he shot 50 with about 6 keepers,
Simple things like zooming whilst AF is doing it stuff and AF on the next pitch etc.

Would love to get a few images on here but might have to do it via tapatalk so quality will be hard to assess or even appreciate, so be gentle with me...

Regards to all