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Nov 18, 2013
I've spent a part of yesterday and will spend most of today getting read for a third and final video session for a documentary I am doing on a small town with an interesting history. With the last upgrade to the G9 I now have a "real" video camera. But with Cinelike D & V both my Gx8 and Gx85 (hacked) do a reasonable impression. These cameras could last me 10 years and in the end I am not feeling any Anxiety over the viability of M43 (Panasonic I think with a sub $2K camera like the Gh5 and the use of such technology down the line is just part of their overall video-concentric USP) . But I've come to realize that over the last 6 months I've become 50/50 stills/video vs 80/20. Yes I've had both a hobby and professional involvement in video since the 80's, but all of a sudden I appreciate the fact that a video when completed is "thing" that is a creation that gives me a real mental satisfaction of accomplishment, from the shoot to post production to sound score creation.

Now that here in Oregon parts of the wild are open again as well as travel, I will treasure each opportunity to work on this documentary series I am creating understanding what a gift it is to have the time, energy, equipment and financial resources to have such an opportunity. And a system small enough to all me at 70 to pack an entire video system in a small day pack.

Perhaps its time to quit the half empty viewpoint and concentrate on the half full side of life in these dark times. For me that is video/stills and getting out and "just do it".

Hope you see a light at the end of your tunnel.
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