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    Either you have a problem at your end, or I have one on my internet explorer connection. I am planning to purchase the Canon Pro 9500 from you in the next two weeks, but I can't download the rebate form. When I tried to contact your online sales group, they send me the link to the rebate, which I state in my email doesn't work with two of my computers and ask them to attach the rebate to my email. I don't think they fully read the email, or I am not clear. The message I receive on one of my computers reads:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library

    Program: C\Program Files\Internet Explorer\explore.exe

    abnormal program termination

    press retry to debug the application

    So I hit the retry twice and get the message:

    Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore the website. It appears that the website continues to have a problem.

    Like I say, this happens with two different computers. One is running OS XP Professional, and the other OS 7. I am bringing this to your attention, because others might be having the same problem when trying to place an order with you. Also, do you place a rebate form in the box that you send the printer in?

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    Send me an email. Mine's in my sig. I'll send the form back as an attachment.