Geometry in the Fields

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    I know, I know - - - lots of people hate the big electric towers and lines running overhead - and in Ontario there has been a futile fight against covering the landside with large wind turbines.

    I suppose that for me, it's a little like going into an impoverished country that many might find repulsive if visiting. I simply don't see what is in front of me the way others do. I am focused strictly on the visual.

    And it was the visual that I found along this stretch of country road a few nights ago. I remained in the car, and viewed the openings of trees and scruff and knew I'd find the right geometry and composition if I just nudged a few feet forward and a few feet backward on the edge of the road.

    Other people's ugly can be a photographers beauty I suppose. :)



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    Sep 11, 2011
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    Nicely done!!!
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