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May 26, 2010

I'm relatively new to M 4/3. I got an E-P2 about 2 months ago and am thrilled with it. In fact so much so that I am seriously considering ditching Pentax for an Olympus DSLR. I would be curious to know how many people here use an Olympus DSLR. The ones I'm looking at are the E-Volt 3 or the E-30. Any info on either one of these cameras or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Also, my understanding is that I would be able to use my K mount lenses with a proper adapter. I have been using the Novoflex with the E-P2 and it's very good.

Thanks so much in advance! I've really gotten some great info from this forum. For example I would have never known about the Konica 40mm. I got one off Ebay and that is one great lens.


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Jun 20, 2010
Guess! A strong hint already given;)
I have several Olympus DSLRs, including the E-3. I am very impressed with the E-PL1 and have a strong interest in getting the EP-2. There are several strong issues that will make me keep the E-3 for the forseeable future. I still value the control set, features and access, that it has. Namely, it fits my hands, dials and buttons are where they are reached when you're shooting and it balances well with the longer lenses (heavier) that I use. It is a hardy weather-resistant camera, which I tend to value in my region. I have a great and complete set of Olympus 4/3 lenses (which now work acceptably with the E-PL1 via a Lumix MA-1 adapter) which still DO Autofocus better with the DSLRs.

The cross platform compatibility was the big difference for me once the VF-2 was developed for the EL-2 and E-PL1. I've accepted the E-PL1 as replacement for my 2 e-410s and am actively offering their sale.


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Mar 2, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
I had an E-3 and it is a very good camera with a metal body and weather sealing. I sold all my 4/3 kit to go :43: and don't regret it at this (later) stage of my hobby. The E-30 is lighter and has less controls than the E-3. If you like 'small' the E-620 is the most recent model in terms of sensor and processor.

All of these models are 1 to 2 years old now and due for replacement any time. The prices will drop then.

Olympus lenses for 4/3 are among the finest in the world but use a different (faster) focussing system to :43: in most cases. Their performance on :43: can be disappointing.

Ulfric M Douglas

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Mar 6, 2010
... my understanding is that I would be able to use my K mount lenses with a proper adapter. ...
Smaller manual focus pentax-K lenses work splendidly (with £10 adapter) on my little Olympus e-410 and make for a very compact manual DSLR.
I can't advise on the bigger Olympuses.
The Lumix G1 works even better for manual-focus due to its good EVF.

We are very happy with our Olympus e-600 and two kit zoom lenses, compared to a few other DSLR/kit lens combinations we've tried.
I have no idea about Pentax.
I would've thought your Pentax DSLR would be fine ... now's the time to either wait and see what Olympus might bring out ... or jump on a huge bargain on new-old Olympus stock.

Good luck.

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