G7 Electronic Shutter, Silent Mode

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  1. I was shooting a play last evening and was using the electronic shutter. The camera was set in multi shot mode using the M setting. Since I was in an audience, I decided to also turn on the silent mode feature - which only works with the electronic shutter.
    I noticed right away that the camera seemed to be firing multiple shots off much faster than expected, so today I tried a few comparisons. The electronic shutter fires much faster than the mechanical shutter, which seems logical. But, with silent mode turned on it fires even faster! The only explanation I can think of is that the "chuk" sound that the camera makes to sound like a shutter is longer than the interval actually required between shots in the e-shutter mode and the camera waits for it if it is enabled.
    If you need a really fast multi-shot shutter, try the e-shutter with silent mode. Note that the two settings are in very different spots (camera for shutter and C/wrench for silent) and the two settings are dependent - you can't turn off e-shutter while silent is enabled and you can't turn on silent mode when the mechanical shutter is enabled.
    Got some good shots, too! The Fairy God Mother was taken with a Nikon 85mm lens at f2.8 and the other two were with the Panasonic 12-35. All ISO 1600. Open A - The Gift - Homer Shannon.jpg Director and Cast.jpg Fairy God Mother.jpg
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  2. Crdome

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    Yes, the shutter is amazing! When shooting in such environments I make sure focus assist is off and i place a piece of gaffers tape over the green ON light. That way I'm in total stelth mode and not annoying others in the audience.
  3. FYI, when you turn on silent mode, it automatically disables the focus assist light.
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  4. Replytoken

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    Is there any reduction in the G7's raw file bit depth when shooting with a full electronic shutter?

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  5. I'm not really sure. I've seen posts that say it does and posts that say it does not. All I know is that I can't see any difference in the images. The electronic shutter makes the camera a super smooth machine. I tend to use it all the time unless I know that moving objects are going to distort or I need a flash. The electronic shutter does not work with flash at all.
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  6. Replytoken

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    I have also heard conflicting reports on reduced bit depth, which is why I asked the question.

  7. vrojt

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    Would be good to know. Didn't find any info about some minor "disadvantages" of an electronic shutter. I want to know because i'm looking forward to shooting a timelapse with a electronic shutter to save up my mechanical shutter.
  8. Terrance

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    I shoot a G6. Last year I was shooting some motor racing and noticed all of my panning shots of the cars looked like 'jello cam'. Took me awhile to figure out I had left the electronic shutter on after shooting some night pics of a moonrise. Tip for the Day: Go back to mechanical shutter if you are shooting moving sports action.
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  9. wjiang

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    For me there are enough downsides to day to day shooting that I always switch electronic shutter off unless I really need it and can live with the problems. The most problematic isn't bit depth, it's the ugly banding under AC lights at certain shutter speeds, as well as the rolling shutter artifacts already mentioned. Pretty much the only times I use it are for ultra stealth (sleeping baby, etc), shooting at f/1.4 during the day, or getting the most stability possible for low shutter speed work when I don't have a tripod.
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