G5 Max card speed, some basic testing

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    Hi all,

    I recently bought a G5 and like my old G3, the buffer is fairly limited. I was wondering whether the G5 would support the newest 95mb/s cards, or whether it was limited to slower cards. I haven't been able to find out for sure using Google so I've done some unscientific testing of my own.

    I did find tests done by Imaging Resource.com (link) and compared them to the cards that I own. The camera definitely benefits from using 45mb/s SD cards, and it appears to benefit from the 95mb/s cards as well. I also compared to my older 20mb/s cards.

    I thought I'd post in case others were wondering the same thing.

    This is the buffer clearing time shooting 20 JPEGs (super-burst mode), timed with a stopwatch.

    20mb/s card = 27sec to clear buffer
    45mb/s card = 18sec to clear buffer
    95mb/s card = 12sec to clear buffer

    It was difficult to test RAW write speed because when you use faster cards you get more images into the buffer. The benefit I extrapolated looks like this:

    20mb/s card = 7 RAW file buffer hard limit.
    45mb/s card = 8 RAW file buffer hard limit
    95mb/s card = 9 RAW file buffer hard limit.

    My conclusion is that the G5 does support the 95mb/s cards. Hope this helps somebody out there.
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    You helped.

    Thanks for doing this - I wondered myself but sometimes the technical information provided zones me out!
    You've presented your results in a clear, concise manner and I thank you for it. :thumbup:
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    I did some testing to see whether the buffer would clear raw files faster with a 95mbps card than a 45mbps card (both SanDisk Extreme Pro). I found no meaningful difference, which accords with your conclusion.