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    Aug 26, 2011
    hi guys,

    i just got this camera earlier this week. this is my first "manual" camera. before this i was only using digital camera (point & shoot), digital camcorder, and my mobile phones' camera.

    i really like taking pictures, but i never got interested to get a DSLR. because i hate the size of it. but around 8 months ago i found out about there's this new type of camera called micro four thirds. which is very small comparing to DSLR but the picture quality can be on par with it.

    so since that on i started to browse and research about the very perfect one for me. and after much thought i decided to go with Panasonic GF2. i ordered it to my friend in U.K. to get it for me. since it's much cheaper there than here in Indonesia. but while waiting, there's been rumor going on about the upcoming GF3 and G3. i fell in love with G3. and waited until it really released and asked my friend to get it for me.

    i have no idea on how to use this camera. so far i've been taking pictures with "P" + pin point function or with "iA" function. the lens is still the one comes with the package 14 - 42mm.

    i'll be sharing some of the pictures i've been taking. please guide me on how to use this type of camera and also how to get good pictures (without photoshopping)

    nice to know this forum exists, and hopefully i can gain much from here.
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    A welcome from Belgium.
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