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[EXPIRED] FS: Panasonic 14-45mm - brand new (UK)


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Cheapest I can find (for an unboxed one) is £220 from Mathers so I'm asking £190. Brand new never used - from a G1 kit from which I am keeping the body. Comes with lens hood and soft case. No box but I can provide it in a 45-200mm box.

Sensible offers also considered!


Mu-43 All-Pro
why would you part with arguably the finest kit zoom ever created for and interchangablre lens system the orig 14 -45 ois kit zoom by panasonic is in teh running for that honor

you can pop an a-28 0.8x used oly wide adapter on it and it becomes an 11.2mm wide angle sharp to the very corners ,cost is 20-30 bucks US funds
personally ,i will keep this lens ......your mileage may differ


Bokeh Diem

Mu-43 Top Veteran
Very interesting. Could you offer a smidgen more data on that adapter? Is it available for the Panasonic bodies also?

Bokeh Diem :wink:


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the adapter is an old one made i believe for olympus bridge film and or digital cameras, it was made to bring the 35-135 range of some older machines down to 28 at the short end , but it works great to bring the 14mm end on the panny kit down to about 11.2mm with great optical quality and sharpness to astound [ considering its an adapter !]

the a-28 is a hulking adapter that has a 49 mm thread its 0.8 x it will attach to the panny 14-45 mm kit perfectly with a 49 to 52 step ring [10 bucks at band h]

the thread of the 14-45 panny is 52 mm...... the thread of the a -28 oly adapter [ think of it as a defacto filter,] is 49mm
it works great, no vignetting, sharp to the corners

look for it on ebay etc for 20-30 bucks U.S.

sadly the oly kit zoom cannot mount it without a lens error due to the weight and size in relation to the build and size of the oly kit zoom......,its a bit of a delicate flower, but on panny its a perfect and nicely balanced team


edit : here is a thread i started about it that shows optical quality , there are 2, 7 mp files that compare it at 14 mm on the panny kit zoom one at 14 alone as a control and one with the 0.8 adapter [in the gallery]



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Oi stop hijacking my thread! :)

The only reason I'm selling it is because I already have one and I only bought the kit for the G1 body. It's a superb lens imo. I also have one of those wide angle adapters I think on your recommendation - seems pretty good though in some very contrasty situations things didn't come out very well in termsof colours and DR compared to without it fitted.


Anyone want this great little lens? :)


Mu-43 All-Pro
understood ..........just praising your lens ,brother ,

the 14-42 plastic replacement by panny will only make the superb ois switchable 14-45 more valuable in the future as the most compact zoom with a metal mount with lens ois

hope you sell it , if thats your goal grum

hijacking over!lol cheers

edit ...............try a hood in difficult contrast situations,, it helps alot ,......you know that adapter ROCKS!

Bokeh Diem

Mu-43 Top Veteran
Ha Grum! Saw you over on cosina's thread also.. I remember looking at it some time ago, but far too quickly. Now that the thread has expanded, it has become quite valuable.

Good luck on your sale here. The 14-45's are going to become classics, and anyone picking one up now is getting them before they are in short(er) supply.

I really like the fact that you can adapt them already. I own an inexpensive but well made DCR-250 Macro lens attachment that screws onto the front and it's MAGIC.

Bokeh D


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Cheers cosina and bokeh :)

pdh - real good I imagine! Not as small as the collapsible olympus kit zoom but really very good quality indeed imo. I can post some example pics taken with it if you like though I'm sure there's loads on this forum already.

Not sure if the IS works on an Olympus body, can anyone confirm? I guess you have the IBIS anyway?


Mu-43 Top Veteran
yep IBIS indeed. Dunno whether the two work together for doubly shakeless snaps :)

I bought the P2 with the 17mm pancake and I've added the Olympus 4/3 70-300
This would fill the gap nicely

However I am wondering about whether the AF will work properly or at all


Mu-43 Veteran
Hi pdh.

Have the E-P2 and the Pany 14-45 and can confirm the AF works with no problems at all. Will also confirm that it is an excellent lens. :2thumbs:



Mu-43 All-Pro
for the record the ois works on my ep1 , just turn off ibis and put the lens ois on via the switch [ the plasti- mount 14-42 replacemrnt from panny lacks a switch]

the pannys ois is more effective than the olympus stab ,imho


Mu-43 Regular
Thanks again cosinaphile. I'm going to put these on ebay soon. Will accept £180 inc postage but any less than that and I think I would be better selling on ebay.