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    Hello world. :D

    I've been into photography since high school and as a graduation gift I got a Canon XTi dSLR. I shot with that almost exclusively occasionally playing around with film with SLRs and Polaroids. It was an off and on hobby until recently where I felt I needed to shake things up and get back into photography.

    I always considered myself a hobbyist/enthusiast who mainly took photos for fun to experiment and learn more. I felt that if I had a kit that is easier to carry and handle on a regular basis I would be more inclined to use it more often. After coming to this conclusion, I did more research (including lurking here before registering and now posting my first post) and settled on the MFT format. I felt it would give me quality photos with lens options, without irritating my shoulder or hurting my pocket.

    So, I sold off my lenses and the XTi and I settled on the GX1 from Panasonic that I felt met all the requirements I needed and fit my currently small budget. It also still left me with some money in my pocket! I love the system so far, and don't regret moving to Micro Four-Thirds from my old heavier dSLR.

    This forum seems to be filled with endless helpful information along with a great group of people that I hope to at the least share photos with. :D
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    welcome! I think there's a meet up happening in the bay area soon.
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    Yves Gajardo
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    Welcome aboard!