From G6 to either GX7 or OMD10


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Oct 12, 2014

I am a newbie m4/3 hobbyist photographer who has been playing with this format for the last 6 months coming from superzoom bridge cameras (FZ28, FZ150). Although my G6 is performing well and I have certainly not uncovered all its secrets, I would like a smaller camera which combined with a pancake lens would let me carry it almost everywhere. I had been thinking of the GX7 but also learnt about the OMD-10 and am debating between the 2. I am not expecting a big difference in quality but would like to focus better in fast moving objects.
Regarding the GX7 I had the chance to try it for a few minutes:
Size and handling were great, but the viewfinder position and size seemed a bit awkward. It seemed to me it would be much more convenient to use the screen from top. Also my finger had some trouble finding the shutter button...
What about the OMD? Are similar problems with ergonomics?



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Oct 23, 2012
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No, thanks
I had trouble holding the camera when using the EM-5 for a short while as there is almost no front grip. It's pretty much the same as the EM-10
I will get the GX7 once the prices go down a bit more. It's easier to hold. I also like the 1/8000 top speed, tiltable EVF and rangefinderish design of the things that first come to mind :)


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Oct 12, 2013
I have a G5 and an e-PM2. You know, a large portion of the bulk of the G5 comes from its grip and EVF. The grip doesn't really make a camera more or less pocketable, since even with a pancake, the lens is always longer than the G5's grip. So yeah, the E-PM2 is a lot smaller, but with lens, it doesn't really matter much (and in your case, it sounds like you really want the EVF). If I remember correctly, the G6 is supposed to be a bit larger than the G5, so my experience isn't identical to yours.

If you really want to get smaller, the new GM5 might meet your needs, as it has an EVF.


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Feb 9, 2011
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Comparing the G6 to the GX7, I own both, the GX7 performs much better at high ISO than the G6. Although it's a lot smaller to carry than the G6 I don't find it that much easier. The lens which you are using with it is what makes the most difference. For a walkabout I usually have either the 20mm fitted or the 14-42 X Vario PZ zoom. When I have the 45-175 on either camera neither are pocket sized. I do find the layout of controls better on the GX7 though in particular the dedicated swith for AF/MF.

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