Friends what do you think of this new model.....?


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May 15, 2016
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I cant help but think this is getting more complicated than needs be.
To me the diagrams do not make it simpler as they don't show the interactions. To me at least, but we all digest information differently.
I can't help but think that experimentation and experience are the best ways to learn this topic


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Mar 17, 2011
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I gotta say I think there's a case for an updated digital model. I've snuck in ISO25600 images without telling anyone and nobody complains, but I have plenty where the shutter speed or aperture is insufficient and there's simply nothing you can do. The ISO blob needs to be smaller :D
I agree. There is discussion of this. Most noise is inherent in the incoming light and many newer sensors are almost independent of ISO if you include processing the RAW file in the mix. Just to note, the whole point of the "triangle" is to present a simple model of how things work. If you have to understand the whole process to make sense of the triangle there isn't much point in having it. I'm just saying that if this triangle represents your entire understanding of the process you would seriously do better to leave it on auto.
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