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    This may have been posted previously, but I just came across it myself. Craft & Vision is a sort of on-line publisher that offers a series of eBooks on a variety of photography related subjects from composition, to lighting, to post processing and even to building a business. The books are available in PDF format with many of them offered for $5.

    They also offer a free eBook titled Craft & Vision: 11 Ways to Improve Your Photography which is arranged as a series of 11 articles on a variety of topics written by several of the authors whose eBooks are for sale on the site. Think of it as sort of a sampler of the Craft & Vision oeuvre." />[/URL]

    They also host a free monthly [URL=""]podcast[/URL] which features interesting topics which are generally focused more on techniques and shooting than on gear. Here's an [URL=""]RSS feed of the podcast[/URL], for those of you who are into that sort of thing.
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    I have had the iPad app for a while. I prefer reading on my old fashioned Kindle, for for photography books, a tablet is a must. This is well worth the app, and you can pick and choose which editions you want to download.
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    Yes! I read "regular" books on my Kindle Touch. For photography books, PDFs, etc., I have a Kindle Fire HD. :smile:
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    Reading a PDF is doable on my Android phone, but requires lots of finger acrobatics to get the print to be a readable size.

    Thanks for posting this ebook, I plan to take a look at it later.
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    Feb 8, 2011
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    A second free eBook, Craft & Vision 2 has recently been released. If you enjoyed the first one, you may want to check this one out.