Four-thirds 12-60mm walkabout

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    I finally got to take my new/old 4/3 12-60mm out for a spin tonight. My first impressions: (a) this is not a small lens! and (b) wow, great IQ. I could definitely feel it weighing me down after an hour hanging on my wrist (with the OM-D). Maybe a better grip would make it a little more comfortable to carry one-handed. All in all, I see it as a specialty lens, not something that's likely to replace my beloved Panny 14-45mm. But if I'm driving through Yellowstone National Park it'd be darn near perfect.

    For the most part I let it auto-focus, which wasn't exactly snappy but never took more than 1/2 second. Painful to hear it grinding to a stop, though.

    Some shots. Comments and critiques are always welcome. Photo #3 was taken wide-open @ f/2.8 and it shows really mushy corners, which surprised me. Stopping down a tad improves things dramatically.

    TJ200001.jpg TJ200009.jpg TJ200017.jpg TJ200014.jpg TJ200036.jpg TJ200021.jpg
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    I'm still hoping for a native version...