Four Dollar Pano Head

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  1. I had a need recently to shoot some tight interior spaces. To do it I had to do a panorama that came out pretty poorly as I was using a standard tripod head with the camera vertical. Afterwards, I got thinking that a pano head should not be that hard to make. (Of course you can purchase one, but they run $500 or more!)

    I have some 3/8" polypropylene and a plastic welder from another project. How about a plastic bracket? I ran some tests on my 12-35 Panasonic zoom and throughout its full range the optical nodal point is about 80mm. I cut and welded two pieces of plastic. The hardest part of this is keeping the two parts square. Even with clamping the plastic wants to distort. Once I got it about right I went to the hardware store and purchased a 1/4-20X9/16 threaded knob and a 1/4-20X7/16 furniture nut. Total cost $4.11. I drilled the necessary two holes and added a piece of plastic weld behind the furniture nut to secure it.

    Testing shows that the device works perfectly. Even with the closest subject being within inches of the camera, all the images align. Some of this is due to good work by Photoshop, I'm sure, but the bracket works.

    photo 1.jpg

    photo 2.jpg

    photo 4.jpg

    4-shot at 25mm
    4-shot PANO test f11 25mm.jpg

    6-shot at 25mm
    6-shot PANO test f11 25mm 2.jpg

    4-shot at 12mm
    4-shot PANO test f11 12mm_.jpg

    Un-merged shots at 35mm

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