Fotodiox Pro Shift as tripod mount?

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by carpandean, Dec 16, 2010.

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    Oct 29, 2010
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    Currently, I use the basic Fotodiox MD -> :43: adapter and am reasonably happy with it. My only complaints are very minor and purely aesthetic: (1) the true center of the lens (where aperture and focus settings line up) is off by about 3 degrees (clockwise, from photographer's viewpoint), and (2) I've never been a fan of the concave curve profile when going from larger down to smaller mounts. Given the price, though, neither of those is enough of a concern that I have to change it. Doesn't mean that I don't look.

    I recently saw a Fotodiox Pro Shift MD -> :43: adapter again and had a thought. I knew that the adapter allowed the camera to be shifted relative to the lens, which I wasn't all that interested in. What I hadn't thought about the fact that it has a built-in tripod mount. The MD lenses are pretty heavy (even my "smaller, lighter" MD 85mm f/2 weighs as much as the GF1 body; the older 85mm f/1.7 is 180g more) and there are certainly some that I don't have yet, but would like to (135mm f/2 comes to mind; I can dream, can't I?), that are even heavier. By contrast, my GF1 is pretty light (285g vs. the 135mm f/2's 725g.) So, I'm thinking that it might be beneficial to move the tripod mount out from the center of the body to the center of the adapter (a good inch, I would estimate.) Even if I never used the shift feature, it might be worth it.

    Any experience with the Fotodiox Pro Shift adapters? Are they built well enough for regular use? Is the lock for unshifted positive enough to keep it locked in without any movement?

    As an ancillary benefit, from the pictures of an adapted lens in the Amazon listing, it does also seem to solve those two minor concerns that I listed.
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    Read this please :

    the tripod mount is not solid enough and has a too small contact surface to the ballhead to allow you to mount anything heavier than ca 500gr

    the lock on the shift works fine.

    C U,
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    I have that adapter. It does not focus to infinity. Waiting for a replacement when a new batch comes in.

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    Thanks and yikes!