format and printing, your experience and advise

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    Jan 29, 2013
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    I have encountered today an issue I did not foresee: earlier this month I sent to print (for the first time) a batch of files. When the photos arrived, I found them a bit "different" from what I expected them to be. After some thinking, I got it - they were printed in 3/2 format instead than 4/3, and obviously they cropped the images instead of fitting them and leaving white spaces on the sides.

    Now, I can either always send a specific request together with the files, not to adapt them to 3/2 formats and crop out bits I wanted to be in (obviously I gave framing a thought too when shooting and processing them). Or I could just set the format to 3/2 already in camera and forget it, loosing some sensor real estate on the way...

    The problem is I have aleady processed hundreds of pics, think about printing several, and do not wish to review them all in LR to reframe them correctly for 3/2. Let alone the 1/1 or 16/9!

    Rant mode on/why on earth there is no option to print them in 4/3 on the online printing services I found???/rant mode off.

    What do you do? Buy a printer? Bring the files in person to the printing shop and tell them ten times to be careful and check the format before printing?