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    Inexpensive Quick Release Clamps and Plates

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    I am changing camera mounting systems and these Velbon QRA-3 clamps and plates are now surplus to my needs. All are in good condition and work well, although there is a fair amount of chipped paint.

    I originally selected this system for a couple of reasons. First, the plates and clamps are fairly small, consistent with our small M43 cameras. Second, when the plate is inserted into a clamp, the lock lever is automatically released to capture the plate. I use a monopod a lot and this is important. With the larger more expensive Arca system, for example, almost all clamps require a third hand. One to hold the camera, one to hold the monopod, and one to actuate the clamp.

    Here is a link to the Velbon page:


    There are three plates and three clamps, plus a Velbon QHD-41Q ball head with a clamp. You can check eBay for prices. This assortment is maybe $100-150 if bought new.

    The little ball head was a constant user on my monopod. Like any small and inexpensive ball head, small ball movements are not smooth, but with a monopod you make the small adjustments by turning or tilting the monopod itself so the ball head smoothness is a non-issue.

    One of the clamps (the gold one) will take a 1/4-20 screw to mount on a regular tripod or head. The other two clamps are designed to take a flat head screw from the top, typical for mounting on more professional heads.

    One of the nice things about using the ball head on a monopod is that you can use it to take high-angle pictures like this one:


    $35 is hardly worth writing an advert, but I hate to have these good bits just sitting in a box. Certainly someone who would like to get into a QR system can use them.

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    600+ eBay, also good ratings here.

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    I like your sample high-angle pic. Bet that was not taken in Peoria . . . ;)
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    Nope. A little east of there. Timket festival in Lalibela, Ethiopia this January. In addition to the festival being fantastic, the photography was a learning experience. Generally my wife and I avoid crowds when traveling and one end of my monopod is usually on the ground. When I got into this crowd, I realized that shooting at eye level would not document the expanse of the activity. Holding the camera a couple of feet above my head, though, worked very well and was a good learning experience. Here is that same procession, shot a few seconds earlier as the leaders started to flow around me.