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    "Better is the enemy of good." I learn this lesson once in a while, most recently when I decided to upgrade my tripod ball head from a Benro B1, which came with my TravellFlat tripod, to an Acratech GPS. I had done some testing on a Gitzo 3-series tripod and felt that there was a little more play with the Benro than I wanted. Guess what? The play with the $250 (eBay) Acratech was about the same. Short version: The problem was in my GX7 bodies and with the camera plate, not with either ball head. Long, boring, version here:

    Both heads have basically the same configuraion: Pan base with separate clamp, ball with separate static tension adjustment and larger main knob. Both heads exhibit a tiny shift in camera aim point when the main clamp is tightened down hard. The Benro shift is slightly more than the Acratech but, as I discovered, these small head shifts were not the source of my unhappiness.

    The Acratech GPS is a beautiful piece of machine work and it has a couple of features that the Benro does not. Notably it can be reversed to put the pan base on the top and set it to level. Since I do like to do panos, that is an advantage. Bottom line: I have talked myself into keeping the Acratech and the Benro is for sale. Economically indefensible but hey --- GAS is real.

    B&H info and reviews here: The only unhappiness from the reviewers seems to be when they use the B1 with heavy lenses. The heaviest lens I have is the 100-300mm and I have had no problems using it with GX7 body mounted on the head. There is a tripod collar for that lens, too, that would improve balance a bit on any head.

    Specifications and info here: Note particularly the description of the clamp safety feature and procedure for releasing the plate.

    Condition is quite nice. It has not been used heavily. There are a few tiny paint chips on the body of the head but nothing major and absolutely nothing that would compromise function. The Arca clamp and plate have never been used; I used a different quick-release system (also for sale here: on the head.

    Almost-as-good-as-the-Acratech for 1/4 of the price? Not bad, I think.






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