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    After posting about my own issues a few weeks ago, I know that some other Aperture 3 users are experiencing the same colour-tint problem with GH2 RAW files. Alledgedly the latest update of Aperture fixes it, but well, it improves the problem, but doesn't fix it.

    The issue I'm talking about is the red-tint, especially noticeable in shadows, and especially noticeable if you try and push a file in post.

    Anyway, long story short I have found a fix that finally gives the IQ I was expecting of the GH2 sensor. Needless to say I'm relieved :)

    It's quite simple:

    - Open the LEVELS adjustment box.
    - Select to adjust levels by INDIVIDUAL COLOUR CHANNELS.
    - Compress the shadows in the RED CHANNEL
    - Adjust the other channels as desired, keeping an eye on the overall tint.
    - The end.

    This is much more effective than adjusting the tint using the White Balance box.

    So here's an image where the key point of interest was the relationship between person, cliff and sky, meaning that to communicate it effectively, a wide dynamic range would be essential. The original shot was pushed as far to the right as possible to get detail in the shadow while avoiding blowing the sky.

    *Please don't criticise the actual photo, it's just the best example I could find with deep shadows ;)

    Original file imported with Aperture's default GH2 adjustments.
    View attachment 166435

    Shadows lifted using RGB Levels
    View attachment 166436

    Shadows lifted using individual colour channels in levels.
    View attachment 166437
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