Fond memories of old Olympus UZ-2100 Pic heavy

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  1. Jorg.S

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    I just came across some old pics I took with a olympus UZ 2100.
    This was a time when nobody was worried about ISO or equivalency and the talk was if digital would ever be equal to 35mm film.
    This was my first expensive digital camera when I bought it in 2001 right after my son was born and paid around $1000.00 for it.
    This camera had a massive 2.1 mega pixel and a huge zoom lens and one of the first EVF which was like looking at an old tv although it was in color.
    I'm posting some pics that I took in October 2001 at Disney World and I'm still astonished by the picture quality.
    I still have the camera somewhere and will dust it off and see if it will work as it was one of my favorite cameras.

    If you had any experiences or memories of that cam let me know.
    Thanks for looking.














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  2. Jorg.S

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    Here is a pic as to what the camera looked like.

  3. EP1-GF1

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    Apr 12, 2011
    Amazing. There's a blogger I follow who uses a not-quite-as-old-as-yours Olympus camera still, it amazed me when I found out by looking at the Exif on his pictures. Quite sobering really :)
  4. Jorg.S

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    I know what you mean.
    The more I look at some of those pictures the more I'm starting to wonder about the chasing of the best camera.

    I still have quite a few pictures I printed of that camera in 8 x 10 size and the don't look any worse then my 24 MP Sony a850 camera printed in the same size for the most part.