Flickr issues with older browser?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by flamingfish, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Nov 16, 2012
    Flickr recently decided that it would no longer play nicely with the outdated version of Internet Explorer that is on my computer at work. I can see my photostream, but can't pull up an individual photo or post a link. Updating the version of IE is not within my control and is not likely to happen.

    If anyone else has experienced this problem, is there a workaround? I tried the "Help" forum on Flickr, and found numerous threads from people with similar problems with a variety of browsers. However, the threads degenerated into invective against Flickr and bickering about Flickr's right to make changes and/or the merits of various browsers, without providing any actual help.

    If I have to bail on Flickr, what's a decent (free or cheap) alternative for storage with linking capabilities? If I start using a different site, is it feasible to move or copy my Flickr photos to the new site?

    I'm strictly an amateur/hobbyist, not looking for a way to publicize my work for sale.

    Thanks much!
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    Are installing alternate browsers an option? Chrome and Firefox come to mind if they are.
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    It could be worse. My work blocks flickr (and any other photo sharing site) as a security protocol. I guess you could use it to get data in and out of the company if you wanted. I'm glad this forum has started caching a lot of flickr embeds, otherwise I don't see them from work.

    One option you might try is the mobile site - Very low formatting in order to work on older phones, etc.

    Another is to use a portable edition of a modern browser. I know Opera has one:

    Those can run from a USB or folder without requiring installation. Just be careful you aren't trying to circumvent controls your I.T. put in place, or it could get you in trouble.