Flash without FP-TTL: How to solve the problem of FILL-IN?


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Jan 5, 2010
I am not a lover of the flash, for most of the time I always enough to pop up the machine, but the times that I missed was mostly in situations of fill-in for portraits in bright light. So I need a flash that supports the FP-TTL, that having a syncro more fast 1/160 that allows my camera.
Now the problem of the flashes compatible with my GF1 are all "huge" compared to the camera and then they tear the compact (which is' why I sold the reflex), and are expensive (such as various Lumix FL360; FL36R Olympus, Metz 48AF1) and it seems excessive to spend more of 200 € for a flash I would use some fill-in and birthday parties for my daughters!
Aesthetically and size as I loved the Olympus FL14, but do not you give and not FP-TTL.
The perfect solution would have been Nissin Di466!
It 's small, NG right and cheap (I found it new for less than 100 €), but unfortunately does not support FP-TTL.

Now, I apologize for the long introduction expose the question for experts:

Do you think the solution is feasible to use a flash without FP-TTL with a syncro of 1/160 in bright sunlight making a Neutral Density filter on the lens?
In hopes of not saying a nonsense, I await your opinions!


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Jun 4, 2010
Colorado, USA
I understand. All DSLR based built-in flash units suffer from this. It's just a matter of degree. Some are as low as 1/160th but most are around 1/250th. The highest I know of was the now discontinued Nikon D40 at 1/500th, but with each subsequent model it was lowered back down the 1/250th range. From my understanding, it all has to do with the mechanical shutters (correct me if I an wrong please...someone here will know the tech data).

P&S / compacts are actually able to handle high sync speed with their electronic shutters, most often built into the lens itself. For example, my Canon G11 is master at fill flash with it's built in.

ND filers: Well, you could, but I wouldn't stack them or IQ will suffer. I'd just use the darkest you can get and it may help depending on how bright the ambient light actually is.

External flash: I have the GF-1 and I added the Olympus FL-36R (but I also have Olympus DSLR's, so it's not a big issue for me). I find it balances pretty well, even with the 20mm lens and it does do FP flash very well. That would be my recommendation. Choose Oly over the Panny (more expensive) version. If you have a PEN series with flash (EPL-1 and other upcoming bodies), they do support wireless triggering of the FL-36R and the FL-50R, which is ideal IMO.

WISH FOR THE FUTURE: Olympus needs to create a NEW flash. We REALLY NEED a small flash unit that bounces like the Nikon SB-400 or the Canon 270EX (I have it for the G11). They have pretty good power, are excellent for fill flash / general flash and balance incredibly well on smaller bodies. Also, Panasonic needs to enable wireless triggering via a firmware update if possible or at least build it into their newer bodies in the future. :2thumbs:


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May 18, 2010
Yes unfortunately the only solutions for this type of situations are:

- FP Capable flash
- ND filters
- Continuous light
- Find open shade where the shutter speed is at or below your max sync
- Use a reflector to reflect some some of the back light back at the subject

The Nikons D40/D50D70 had a hybrid shutter (correct me if I'm wrong too) mecahnical up to a certain speed 1/200s and then an electronic shutter that I think could do 1/2000s?

How I would like a m4/3 camera with an electronic or global shutter!


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Jan 8, 2012
I have decided to try the Nissin Di466. After reading a post on dpreview, which discussed Olympus, Cactus, Nissin, Metz, etc., I decided the Nissin is the best bet for me. I will receive it tomorrow and will report back how it works for me.

The lack of good flash control on the Panasonic cameras is a real negative to me (one of very few, imo).

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