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    Sep 26, 2013
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    Greetings...I;m nervous...My first post question :0

    I have a GH3 coming any day...yippie!

    As far as flashes go..I have some SB910s and a SB800.
    Also a Quantum Trio for Nikon.
    WIll any of these be ok with my gh3...Overkill??? bulky???
    Just thinking of the next step.

    OH..If I take a portait/headshot..will my Elinchrom Skyport work to fire my strobes???
    Thanks in advance for any response.

    Cheers, Ken
  2. I've been playing around with my SB-600 a bit with my GH3 and I can get it work fine in manual mode but TTL doesn't seem to be compatible and I am guessing it might be the same for the SB-800 but I could be wrong.

    There is a good chance the Skyport might work to fire your strobes. Just set the Flash to wireless on the GH3. I have been using a cheap Cowboy Studio transmitter and receiver on mine as well.

    Maybe some others with more experience with using Flash and strobes on the GH3 can add some more insight that I lack though ;) 
  3. Saelee

    Saelee Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 10, 2011
    TTL is not interchangeable between systems. As synthetictone state, you can use the flash in manual only. I don't use the Skyport so I don't know how that system works but I would imagine you can use it to trigger your Elinchrom lights without any problem. But if there is a "Nikon" specific feature like TTL or HSS, you can't use it.

    I also came from the Nikon world. I have 2 sb800 and a few sb28. I use the RadioPopper JRx to trigger my Nikon flash. The thing that is great about the RadioPopper JRx is that I can still control the power of the Nikon flash because the trigger has a little knob that I can use to adjust the level. Since my GX1 is able to trigger the JRx, I am still able to use my Nikon flashes and have full control over it.
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