FL 300R question

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Hingo, May 30, 2014.

  1. Hingo

    Hingo Mu-43 Regular

    Oct 31, 2012
    hello mu43 users

    I'm thinking of buying the olympus fl 300r flash, but is there any possibility to use diffuser with it?
  2. It has a built in diffuser for wider angle coverage. In the past, I've placed a semi-transparent plastic cup over a flash to act as a diffuser. I'm sure other DIY solutions can be found as well.
  3. Hingo

    Hingo Mu-43 Regular

    Oct 31, 2012
    ok, thanks. I think this flash is worth trying and setup up from the kit flash, fl lm2.
  4. Art

    Art Mu-43 All-Pro

    Mar 13, 2011
    San Francisco, CA
    built-in diffuser works nicely.

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