Showcase Five Star 500mm f/8

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    Dec 8, 2012
    i picked this up on ebay in the Minolta MD mount a while back for the whopping sum of $20 shipped figuring it was worth a shot. given the low price i wasnt expecting much, the build quality feels cheap but sturdy. image quality is acceptable though very soft from f8-11 improving from f16-22. colours are actually not bad at all.

    mounted on my OM-D (note how the mount sits compared to the adapter, this is part of the cheapness). it is a looooong lens that surprisingly has an adjustable tripod mount.


    test shot in the back yard @f16


    100% crop of the above


    for comparison on field of view, here is the same perspective with the Sigma 30mm, the red box is the fov of the 500mm


    assuming the skies are clear tonight ill see how it does shooting the moon and report back.