Five Days in Colombia

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    Colombia is a gorgeous country. I was surprised by Medellin. It is a sophisticated and modern city in a wide valley surrounded by verdant green hills and lush forests. The weather is ideal, and the people are open, kind, and warm. We felt completely safe during the day and night even though we speak very little spanish.

    Bogota, was another surprise. It is a massive city at 9000'. The weather is cooler than Medellin, and it is often overcast. Not a beautiful city overall, there are still some sections that are quite nice. It feels like any southern European city, with a very worldly and sophisticated population. We were very honored with a private tour of the Colombian Capital buildings, visiting the floors of both their Senate and House chambers. We also took a train up to the Montserrat Monastery and I had a few days of business around town.

    I shot these with my Olympus E-M1, O12-40, and Samyang Fisheye.

    Medellin Skyline

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    Restaurant in Medellin at Night

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    Bogota Old City Center

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    Bogota Near the Airport

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    Colombia House Chamber

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    Colombia Senate Chamber

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    Montserrat Church

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    View from Montserrat

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    I encourage everyone to forget what they have heard about Colombia as a country run by drug cartels. That was in the 1990's. Today, Colombia is a modern nation with a European feeling, wonderful people, fantastic cities, and amazing nature.
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    Very nice. I read so many mixed messages about travel safety there, but I am very intrigued about going. Also, great results from the fisheye! I find it challenging to use.
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    I think if you take some normal precautions - stay in good hotels (hilton, marriott, etc), take UberBlack or hotel taxis, and stick to safe areas of major cities - you will be safer than in many American cities.

    The fisheye is best in small spaces.