First Weekend with the OM-D, review and lots of images

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    I bit the bullet and got one for a decent price on Ebay with only a couple of hundred actuations. Unfortunately the 17mm 1.8 didn't show up in time for the weekend so I primarily shot with the PL 25 1.4 and 45mm 1.8 I did notice the PL 25 crunching every so often, but a restart remedied it fairly quickly

    Like a doof, I also left the spare batteries and charger in the office and surprisingly after a couple of hundred shots the battery mostly lasted through each day using the EVF and sporadically the LCD. So I'm not sure if the short battery life is just an internet problem.

    First let me say how much I despise LCD shooting. It drives me nuts and the one or two times I have used it on previous cameras I've wanted to stab myself in the Eye. I have a 5D2 and this applies to higher end DSLR's as well. The tilting LCD on the OM-D however is a joy to use, like OMG how great is it. Feels like shooting a TLR without having to squint, but I digress the LCD is amazing. The EVF is bright and definitely a step up from the VF-1 (I think) that came with my EP-2.

    That said touch screen is just OK, nothing to write home about. When I am trying to zoom it thinks I'm trying to swipe. Just takes some getting used to. Also, the LCD would intermittently cut out on me and I think it's because of the sensitivity on the Eye Sensor for the EVF. Keeping it further away from my body alleviated it.

    AF: So while the AF is FAST, S-AF seems to be better and more accurate than C-AF and Tracking. I don't shoot Hi Speed much so it doesn't bother me much that C-AF doesn't work in burst. Setting the focal point is fast and choosing a bigger box almost guarantees focus in pretty much any situation. In Video However I was slightly disappointed in C-AF tracking so primarily used S-AF + MF. Tracking is just OK compared to the how great it is on the G5. God I wish someone would combine the 2 systems.

    Dynamic Range: While still problematic for smaller sensors, I feel the OM-D kept up fairly well with the X100 in the same conditions, there were points where I was wishing I had an ND filter, but that's neither here nor there. Shooting RAW I was able to recover more than 2 stops and still pull some detail. All in all not a FF 5D2 but it's definitely getting there. Oh and speaking of which Live View Highlight control is AWESOME!!!

    White Balance: For the most part awb was ok, I shoot RAW so I don't really rely on it but color rendition was pretty good

    Video: I really missed the ability to shoot 60P, then again we know video isn't it's strong point. It wasn't bad at all and probably more than I'll need in most conditions

    Build: OMG is this thing solid… Love the way it feels in my hand.. The buttons are lined up fairly well with the exception of the Play/FN2 button. For my pudgy hands they are just too close to each other.

    Menu: The menu is fairly well laid out, there are some things that bug me a bit, but I can work around them.

    ART Modes: Grainy Film has always been my favorite even though 'm not a big fan of the artsy filters. I have a workflow for BW that I prefer

    Exposure: I might be off but it seems that the meter was always +1/2/-1/2 off especially in very contrasting conditions. Spot Meter was great but center & eval seem to be a bit off