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    Jul 8, 2012
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    I have been a Micro 4/3 user for almost a year now. I must say that I love the system, especially being able to use low cost manual lenses on small, decent bodies (as a college student on a shoestring budget, this speaks volumes to me lol). Ive actually done quite a bit of shooting both photos and videos with my trusty GH1, even so far as to get hired for doing photography for one of the local clubs for a spell. People really sleep on what this camera system is capable of...

    In any event, I just wanted to share this and get some constructive criticism. I guess I should mention here that besides photo and video, my other love is latin dance. Ive been dancing for about two years and its an absolute joy. This was a compilation behind the scenes footage video I did for my dance studio, Estilo Dance Studio in South Philadelphia, and was the first big video project I ever did. Eventually, I'd like to get into wedding photography/videography, so might as well start getting practice now, right? Shot with my GH1 (vitaly hack upgraded), 14-45 Panny zoom, My broken old Canon FD 50/1.4 (aperture stuck wide open :rolleyes:) CowboyStudio Shoulder rig, cheap monopod and a Polaroid Cardioid shotgun mic. I think it came out decent for a shoestring budget....the main point was to capture what goes on behind the stage at our student showcases, and I think I achieved it. Let the comments fly and tell me what you think!

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    It's a well done video. The beginning is catchy. I watched a couple minutes of it and its good to see so many people enjoying what they do and making it a family experience. But I'm not into video (never shoot it) and definitely not into dance so I wasn't into sitting through 24 minutes of it.

    Perhaps some of the other videographers here who might of missed your post yesterday will have more to contribute. :thumbup: