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    Sep 25, 2014
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    These are my first photos with micro 4/3 camera taken 2 years ago. Not great images, but they makes me happy whenever I look them back.

    I was traveling around Europe for long periods. Eye-opening experiences. The travel eventually lead me to desire "real camera". I headed to camera shop as soon as I arrived Vienna. I could buy good hefty DSLR with big lenses, but I know that weights and volumes are crucial for travellers. I wanted my packs to be minimised, yet hoped I could get great quality images. I asked shop assistant which camera fits my needs, and he recommended Lumix GF6 which just introduced at the time. I took it.

    And I made these shots with my newly acquired camera. Images came out really clean and sharp. I'd never been able to get those perfect night shots with my smartphone. It was just a beginner camera with slow kit zoom, but was capable of taking nice night photographies with my humble photography techniques. That gave me trust that I can make a shot whatever I see. Since then, the capable camera in my pocket encouraged me to go further and see more.

    Do you remember your first impression of micro 4/3?

    EDIT : Maybe this should be posted in "Scenic, Architecture, and Travel" forum, but I was too late getting it.
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  2. tyrphoto

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    May 25, 2014
    Seoul | NYC
    My first camera for m43 was the E-M1 which I bought for myself as a birthday gift to myself last year in May. My GF came along and bought me the O25/1.8 as a gift. This was literally the third picture I took with the camera on the bus as I was playing with various settings as such. I already knew that Olympus colors were punchy and when I saw this scene with the various bright colors, I took a shot of it to see how the colors would come out.

    Since then, when the E-M5 Mk.II came out, I sold the E-M1 and now use the the Mk.II since for my needs I don't need the grip of the E-M1 and wanted a slightly smaller camera. For my needs, the Mk.II is the perfect m43 camera. At first I really didn't like the articulating screen and I still do prefer just a tilt screen as it makes shooting from the hip a bit more discreet. However, I find myself these days, just folding it in reverse to do away with the back monitor completely for street shooting.

    OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 25MM, F2.8, 1/160, ISO 200

    Exactly two weeks later, after I had tweaked the camera to my liking and had become somewhat accustomed to shooting with it, I went out street shooting.

    OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 25MM, F1.8, 1/640, ISO 200

    This shot with the girl in the middle squeezing thru to get to the front of the street musicians was part luck and part a testament to the good UI on the E-M1 where I was able to drop the ISO dial down quickly enough as soon as I noticed the girl pushing her way thru so that I could reduce the shutter speed to grab a little movement. Previous to this shot, I was at ISO 1600. I say part luck because most of the people remained still enough that they remain sharp even at a shutter speed of 1/13.

    OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 25MM, F1.8, 1/13, ISO 200

    Exactly a month later, I found myself at a jazz club where it's kind of frowned upon to take pictures of the performers with DSLRs, at least here in Korea. Probably due to big flashes going off, obstructing other patron's view of the performers as well as the loud shutter sounds. So I kept the Canon 5D Mk.II in the bag and shot with my E-M1 discreetly.

    OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 25MM, F1.8, 1/50, ISO 200

    Lastly and officially, the last image I took with my E-M1 before selling the camera to a friend. This was taken on my last day of my trip to Gyeongju after getting something to eat and about to head back to the train station. FYI, the mounds or small hills in the background are original burial graves with literally thousands of bodies within that dates back centuries.

    OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 25MM, F8, 1/80, ISO 200
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  3. drd1135

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    Mar 17, 2011
    Southwest Virginia
    My first was back in the summer of 2009 with an E-P1 and the 14-45 version 1 zoom. I'd never had a mirrorless camera before and I was very taken with it. Here's one of my earliest non-test shots. I loved this shot and it proved to me that this system could make great images.
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  4. TNcasual

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    Dec 2, 2014
    Knoxville, TN
    The battery had just fully charged and I sat down on the couch with my new toy. This is probably the 3rd or 4th shutter fire of the camera.

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  5. Gerard

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    May 12, 2015
    Vleuten, Utrecht
    What I see is that you were already an experienced photographer. In my eyes you have a somewhat recognizable style, like a few other posters on this site. I wonder if changing from one camera to another, in what way does that influence your photography, in terms of style more dan technique?
  6. tyrphoto

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    May 25, 2014
    Seoul | NYC
    In terms of style, absolutely none. Composition is composition, exposure is exposure.

    The only differences are in technique whether it's learning and adapting to the camera's pros and cons as well as in post processing techniques which differ from camera to camera, regardless of format.

  7. Gerard

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    May 12, 2015
    Vleuten, Utrecht
    That is an answer, I didn't want to hear :)
    But I think you are right.
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  8. Carbonman

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    Jul 10, 2014
    Vancouver BC
    This is the 12th frame I shot with my E-M10. I'd not owned an EVF or interchangeable lens digital camera before, knew nothing about RAW or much of the other digital esoterica. I'm very glad I took the leap.
    12th E-M10 Image.jpg
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