First outing with 100-300mm and E-M5

Discussion in 'Nature' started by dave92029, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. dave92029

    dave92029 Mu-43 Regular

    May 7, 2010
    Escondido, CA
    My Pany 100-300mm arrived yesterday. I'm very pleased with the resulting images.

    The Pany is a substantial (large and heavy) M43 lens. Most of these were shot with the assistance of my tripod.

    Your C&C are welcome.

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  2. RevBob

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    Jun 4, 2011
    NorthWestern PA
    Nice sharp, clear photos - I love that lens! :thumbup:
  3. yekimrd

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    Jun 14, 2012
    Cincinnati, OH
    All great shots! I especially like the 2nd and 3rd one. :thumbup:

    Out of curiosity (because I have the Oly 75-300mm and haven't seen the Panny long zoom up close and personal), so the E-M5's IBIS doesn't allow for the Panny to be used handheld?
  4. dave92029

    dave92029 Mu-43 Regular

    May 7, 2010
    Escondido, CA
    I shot a few shots handheld, but because of the weight and magnification of the 100-300mm, I just felt more comfortable using some support.

    I'll probably use just my monopod next time.

    Don't want to lose that one opportunity to get a shot because I got lazy and didn't use some support.
  5. mattia

    mattia Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    May 3, 2012
    The Netherlands
    Sorry, the 'weight'? The 100-300 weighs a touch over a pound - my 50/1.4 Sigma for DSLR weighs more than that. For its focal length, it's a compact, very lightweight lens.

    I personally find it perfectly usable handheld, and my impression is that using the OIS is a bit more effective than using the E-M5's IBIS. It's a decently (not fantastically) sharp lens, but the reach is fantastic. I tend to pop up ISO in order to maintain shutter speeds around 1/600-1/1000 where possible - the 'one over (2x) focal length' trick is a good guide but there's a definite learning curve to making that achievable with long glass, stabilized or not.
  6. Iansky

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    Dec 26, 2009
    The Cotswolds, UK
    Can you post an image of the lens on the camera both at short & long end of zoom so we can get an idea of size on camera.

    I suspect it will be too big for my GX1!! (unlike the 45-175 and 45-200 I used to own).
  7. aragorn1980

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    Aug 10, 2012
    Athens Greece
    Good clean shots!