First month with the E-M5


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Mar 1, 2014
I have my E-M5 about a month now, have 3 lenses (17 1.8, 30 Sigma, 14-42 "new" Panasonic, just added the HLD-6 grip last week. Here are my first impressions, and this is not about image quality.....

I loved the look of the camera from the beginning, was shopping for an E-M10, and ended up buying a used E-M5, the weather sealing and the image stabilizer made me pick this model. In my large hands this small camera feels - well - small, maybe a even a bit too small. This was resolved with adding the HLD-6, which I usually use without the vertical grip. The added grip and the new location of the shutter button makes a HUGE difference, just perfect in my hands.
Like someone else wrote, I had some problems "bonding" with my camera too. Shooting Canon SLR and DSLR for 2 decades, I can use my EOS cameras blind. The Olympus is all different, and the buttons are small. It took me a while to find my way through the setup, shutter speed on the back dial, aperture on the front dial, I opted to set the movie-button as my ISO-button (I don't shoot movies). This one is larger and easier to find then the FN-button on the back. And many many more little but important things. The first times I took the camera out I spent more time with searching for buttons and settings then taking pictures...... I read a lot in this forum, magazines, watched YouTube videos, learned my lessons, took the camera out every day, even left my Canon at home for 3 days last week and used the Olympus only for my job at a local newspaper. Learned a lot on these days, kind of had no choice then do it!

Last weekend I took the family to Toronto, Sunday night on the way home I realized that I just took many photos and did not worry about camera settings, I just did it like I always did it with my Canon. Changing ISO-settings, go from shutter priority to M and back to P, all depending where I was and who took the photos (my wife loves the camera, but she needs the P-setting). I even lost my first eyecup, a standard for E-M5 users?

Now, after a month, I am not happy anymore, I am very happy and convinced I bought the right camera (GX7 was an option as well). I mostly have the 17 mounted and it actually changed the way I take photos, moving more, zooming less, thinking more about the final picture..... Photography is the fun thing again it was 15 years ago, not just the routine for paychecks.

I am still working on the full switch to this system, need more experience first (never took a flash-photo with this camera yet), and have to add gear, second body (E-M1), lenses (for the newspaper work it will be the 12-40 2.8 and some kind of longer zoom), plus the 45 1.8 for my weddings. But now I know it's the way to go, my shoulders just don't want to carry all that heavy gear anymore.

Whoever finds spelling or grammar-miskakes can keep them (english is my second language). :)

Just wanted to share this first month, thanks to all of you for your good advice!



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Dec 6, 2012
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Nice to hear you are growing into your camera! Yes, the OMD series takes some learning and some time to set it up like one likes, bur if you persist, it turns out to be great.


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Jan 20, 2013
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It took me a while - several months to get used to the size of my E-M5 versus my Pentax K-5 ( which felt better in the hand), but now I am completely comfortable with it. The Gariz half-case helps give it a little heft; I wonder how the RRS grip would feel.


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May 25, 2014
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It's good to hear you're happy with your purchase. I bought my EM1 about a month ago and although I'm still getting used to it and tweaking settings, I've loved it from day one. My main camera is a Canon 5D Mk.II but over the years, the weight of carrying around DSLRs have gotten the best of me.

It's too early to say whether m43 will become my main system but the sheer weight and size reduction is a godsend. Currently waiting for Photokina to see what new bodies Fuji comes out with. The XT1 almost tempted me but the D-pad issue was a deal breaker for me. If they come out with an improved XPro2 or an improved XT2 that improves the D-pad I'll probably pick one up.


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Apr 14, 2014
I'm three months (8-10 shoots) into my em10. We're still courting.

Time will tell.

Great images but seems fiddly and the focussing leaves a lot to be desired (especially low light)

Long time Oly compact user (C8080, 5050 XZ1) so familiar with set up and menus, so that's not the frustration.

Main cameras are Canon 5ds and g series.

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