First day out with GF-1


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Very nice jpegs. Witchy Wood Walkway has quite a name to live up to - and it looks as though it does. That poor little tiger, caught like that makes me feel sad.

Jake thanks for these!


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I don't suppose Jake would have got quite so close if it were a real tiger, and some camera shake might have been in evidence.
Hope you enjoyed your first outing with the GF-1 as I did with mine a few days ago. Sadly rather wet and windy today so unable to repeat the experience.


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I couldnt believe it myself when i saw that toy in the bush. Just had to snap it.


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Hey Jake , they look great. I really like the angle you chose to take the tiger. The poor critters eye is in the exactly the right spot and to me it conveys the message 'help me please.'

The light in No.3 is cool too.