First attempts with macro bellow

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by L0n3Gr3yW0lf, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

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    Jul 31, 2013
    I have waited a very long time to try to go smaller and smaller ... to see if bugs do really smile when I say cheese :wink: ... and now I had a chance after I, finally, managed to get enough money to buy a use Panasonic G1 and an Exakta Ihagee M42 Macro Bellow. I did owned 3 macro tubes (M42) but I wanted to go even more further.

    Panasonic G1 + Micro Four Thirds to M42 Adaptor + Exakta Ihagee Macro M42 Bellow + 11mm + 20mm + 30mm Macro Tubes + Compact 70-210mm f 4.5-5.6 Macro M42

    And now that I had I'm getting more frustrated but in trying to keep calm and patience I'm starting to learn to live with some of the limitations that I'm confronted, like: lack of light, lack of image stabilization, lack of DoF.

    It was to be expected to lose lots of light but to get 30/th and 60/th of a second in bright August Mediterranean Daylight ? Well that's with the bellow and macro tubes (11+20+30mm) but still leaves me with less then 200/th of a second without them which for anything complete still subjects its useless, even a small, minuscule, breeze of wind will make spider webs (and spiders) and flowers come blurred ... and upping ISO on G1 isn't a good idea because of noise even at ISO 100 (specially with 75 Sharpness and 50 Details adjustment in Lightroom).

    The issue of Image Stabilization is more problematic if I try to hand-holed (which I do most of the time) and/or use longer focal length then 200mm (equivalent). It's not as much of an issue when taking pictures but trying to frame and/or manually focus .... ooooh how I long for Olympus'es 5 axis IBIS.

    The most problematic issue is the extremely thin DoF, and it's a constant struggle between sacrifice of IQ or shutter speed for DoF. I have yet to successfully make a good focus stack image (because of the zoom lenses useless focus ring and my nifty fifty need to get microscopically close to the subject and most of the time shadowing any light). I, mostly use the 50mm on plants and flowers and the 70-210mm on bugs (so not to scare them) but my zoom lens has the aperture ring stuck wide open so that's :mad: 

    I might not win any constests with this images but it's learning in progress, and I only had a few days of playing with the macro bellow so far:

    Macro Bellow & 50mm f 5.6 (1/80th sec, ISO 100)

    Macro Bellow & 50mm f 1.8 (1/400 sec, ISO 400)

    Macro Bellow & 210mm f 5.6 (1/320 sec, ISO 800)

    Macro Bellow & 70mm f 4.5 (1/50th sec, ISO 1600)

    Macro Bellow & Macro Tubes 11+20+30mm & 50mm f 1.8 (1/400 sec., ISO 800)

    Macro Bellow & Macro Tubes 11+20+30mm & 210mm f 5.6 (1/125 sec, ISO 1600)

    Macro Bellow & 50mm f 5.6 (1/100th sec, ISO 100)

    Macro Bellow & Macro Tubes 11+20+30mm & 50mm f 1.8 (1/25th sec, ISO 1600)

    ... all of them hand-held.
  2. RnR

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    Sep 25, 2011
    Brisbane, Australia
    Nice work wolfie, especially since its handheld!

    Look forward to your work with tripods and artificial lights!!
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