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Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by Dave Reynell, Feb 16, 2015.

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    Stepping back in time, I took a look at the specifications of my G1 on the Digital Camera Review website earlier today. Taking a look at the "user reviews" for the G1 (it's always interesting to read what others have to say about one's camera) I came across the comment below (in italics). I immediately checked the firmware version on my own camera and discovered it was v 1.5 for the body and v. 1.0 for the lens (presumably the kit). Before attempting to download v 1.4, can anyone tell me more about it ?

    there is a big difference between the original cam witout firmware 1.4 and with it.

    I've got 2 items one with old program and one newer with firmware 1.4.

    the quality difference will be enormous:

    cam with firmware 1.4 much more sharper

    ++phantastic big viewfinder

    ++the better kit lens 14-45 is still sharper, too

    ++nearly no CA's

    ++viewfinder is bright when using adapter and closing aperture

    With thanks

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    If you already have v1.5 why would you want to backtrack (if it's even possible) to v1.4?

    The lens firmware is separate and is updated independently from the from the body. I believe the latest for the 14-45 is v1.2.


    edited to add: You can find firmware updates and descriptions at Panasonics support web pages.
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    Any advantage made present in 1.4 will also be present in 1.5, so you shouldn't need to backtrack. But if you really wanted to, you could use PTool to build a firmware version that allows "upgrades" without checking that the new version number is higher, then you could backtrack to 1.4.

    But I'd just use 1.5 and be happy.
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    Good point Fred ! A dumb question on my part. Apologies.