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May 26, 2012
Detroit, Michigan
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I purchased a Canon Pro-100 printer earlier this year and have had some fun making 13x19 inch prints for myself.

I shoot (and print) for my own pleasure (and to give the Princess of the Exchequer prints of the grandkids) and rarely show prints to anyone outside of immediate family.

A long time friend recently asked to see some of the "big printer" prints and then asked a 'huge' favor - would I make a 13x19 print of one of his landscape shots to give to his father?

I took a look at the .jpg (he doesn't shoot RAW) and it wasn't unprintable; it wasn't fantastically sharp, but the subject matter had great emotional value to his dad so a perfect image wasn't required.

After mucking about in Elements 12 (I'm not anywhere near a post processing maven; after all I only print for myself and I'm easily satisfied :biggrin:) I printed a test "Out Of Camera", adding only enough brightness to make up the difference between what was shown on my monitor and the resulting print.

Today I took the test print to his house - and he loves it. He wants it "as is", no post processing! (There are two telephone wires that could be removed and one corner that would, IMHO, look better if the details were brought out of the shadows).

He smiled broadly, commented how well he liked the colors and kept the 'test' print.

I've printed a few of my photographs for other folks (in the bad old days I even shot a few weddings and special events :frown:) but this is the first time I've ever printed another photographers work (outside of immediate family).

I very nearly argued that the print could be made "better" - and then realized that, for once, it wasn't my decision - the photographer had the last call on what he wanted to see, and what he wanted was "O.O.C".

A totally new experience for me in photography, and new experiences at my, make that "of my experience" are rare. Just had to post that now I'm apparently a professional printer so Ctein should be wary...:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:



*** Ctein is a noteworthy printer that sometimes hangs around the mu-43 forum and can be found over at Mike Johnston's "The Online Photographer" ...and probably won't be overly concerned about my foray into printing as long as he isn't forced to view the results...


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